Halloween (dia das bruxas)?? No!! Day of Saci Pererê (dia do Saci Pererê)

Brazilian folklore(font: facebook)

saci, também conhecido como saci-pererê, é uma personagem bastante conhecida do folclorebrasileiro. Tem sua origem presumida entre os indígenas da Região das Missões, no Sul do país, de onde teria se espalhado por todo o território brasileiro.
(fonte: wikipedia)
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Saci (pronounced: [saˈsi] or [sɐˈsi]) is a character commonly regarded to be the best known character in Brazilian folklore. He is a one-legged black or mulattoyoungster with holes in the palms of his hands, who smokes a pipe and wears a magical red cap that enables him to disappear and reappear wherever he wishes (usually in the middle of a dust devil). Considered an annoying prankster in most parts of Brazil, and a potentially dangerous and malicious creature in others, he will nevertheless grant wishes to anyone who manages to trap him or steal his magic cap. However his cap is often depicted as having a bad smell, most people who claimed to have stolen this cap often say they can never wash the smell away.
(font: wikipedia)
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