What is “axé”? – O que é “axé”?

Lots of people ask me what is “axé“.  

Well, axé is a  is a popular music genre originating in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

I chose this video because it shows how to dance this peculiar music.  I hope you enjoy it! =)

Click here to read about axé (Wikipedia)

Axé em Scheveningen Beach – Holland

If you are in Holland and want to learn how to dance Axé, CLICH HERE: salsamba.nl

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3 Responses to What is “axé”? – O que é “axé”?

  1. Suzanne says:

    If you want to learn ‘axé’ in Holland….? There are lessons in The Hage, every wednesday at 19.15 till 20.15 at the danceschool of Wim Lier (Mauritskade). For more information check the website: salsamba.nl
    Beijos, Suzanne

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