BRAZILIAN MOVIE IN HOLLAND!! Luiz Bolognesi about Uma História de Amor e Fúria

Luiz Bolognesi about Uma História de Amor e Fúria

“With the help of a group of four researchers we conducted a deep research on Brazil historical facts. We seek for events omitted by the official history.We had selected three important moments in the history of the country and built the drama based on real events, working with a prognosis for the episode about the future. The dramatic arc was found in Tupi-Guarani mythology, the largest indigenous civilization who lived in the coast, in Rio de Janeiro and also in the countryside. By the time the Europeans arrived in Brazil, there were about 4 million Indians living spread across hundreds of villages. Today there are approximately two hundred thousand clustered in small reserves. The culture and science of the Tupi-Guarani is extremely sophisticated and provides the narrative substrate of the film. We can say that “Rio 2096, a Story of Love and Fury” is an unauthorized biography of Rio de Janeiro.

I worked with a team of talented young Brazilians during six years.
I used classical animation technique working with pencil on paper. The scenarios (backgrounds) are illustrations made by mixed techniques. The painting shadows, composition and some objects were made digitally. The animation technique comes from the animé with 8 to 12 drawings per second. The interpretation of characters is realistic and minimalist.”

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    • Muito obrigada por mencionar o meu blog no seu! Dou aulas de português aqui na Holanda e a intenção do meu blog é divulgar a nossa cultura, nossos hábitos e costumes e também, logicamente, dar dicas sobre a nossa língua portuguesa! Divulgar os filmes brasileiros é um prazer!! =) Abraços, Ana

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