“PROBLEMS” OF USING GAMES IN SOCCER TRAINING (2) – Alberto Tenan – Treinamento Futebol


By Alberto Tenan – Soccer Training:

Training using games requires some wariness and constant adaptations, to the players and the coach. Let´s take a look over the activity bellow:


The main structure of the activity is a G + 2 X 3, the offensive tactical objectives are keep the ball possession and look for the (best) side of the pitch to score and defensively close spaces quickly to make trouble to the opposition progression or steal the ball.

1st game: The blue team scores when get a goal against the green goalkeeper. The yellow team scores when achieves a goal in the 2 little goals at the pitch sides.

Activity analysis: the blue team has only one way to score, finishing through the goalkeeper. They have to organize themselves to score and the defense has to stop the attacks. There are equal difficulties to both teams. The yellow team has only one way to score too, that is scoring through the 2 little side goals. In this case the blue team (naively) can try to go after the ball (which will happen most time of the cases), or… CONTINUE READING

Alberto Tenan – Treinamento Futebol.

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